The WestStar Difference

What’s the WestStar difference? It’s not just our unique office cleaning system, or how we get (and keep) the best employees, but also aligning ourselves with our clients.

We are an independent business, not a franchise. 3 years ago, I came from running Operations in Distribution, bringing new ideas and concepts of what janitorial services could be, instead of just the way others have always done it.

Other cleaning companies lock you into a year, even multi-year long contract. Why? Because it keeps you from making a change, even when you aren’t satisfied with the service. We don’t lock you into a contract.

That was a scary change for us, but it keeps us accountable to providing the highest standard of cleaning for your office. We’re on the hook!

Other cleaning companies “churn and burn” through cheap employees, paying as little as possible. We pay more and invest in our employees, bringing us higher quality cleaners that stick around longer – providing you with consistent, quality work.

The other guys have professional sales people. We have professional cleaners.

They mostly ignore you, spending their time putting out fires and dealing with complaints. We partner with our clients and value our relationships as the heart of our business.